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This is one exercise that we spend a lot of time on in our signature courses:  Learn to Dance with Life.  It's about learning who you truly are, in your heart, what moves and inspires you every day. 

By learning your values - what you stand for no matter what - you soon learn what makes your heart sing, what moves you into action, because it's only when you are doing what's true to you that you'll be inspired to take action. If what you're doing doesn't inspire you to take action then you'll make excuses.

What you want to be doing are the things that will take you to the next level in any area of your life-where you will feel joy...the feeling that you can't wait to get out of bed in the morning!  Is this how you feel everyday?  Or is the feeling one of dread or trepidation and not wanting to face the day before you?

By being conscious of how you're feeling when you first open your eyes each and every day, you'll know if you're on the right path to achieving your happiness. And you do this by getting to know yourself, what moves you, what makes you happy. It is about learning and understanding your values.

Here's the process:

Step 1:  Take out a sheet of paper, sit quietly and write out the words that best describe what's most important to you.  Write out the qualities you aspire to and/or admire in others.  For example:  honesty, integrity, family, love, loyalty, charisma, fun, joy, humility, financial freedom, security, clarity, directness, calm, wealth, free time, time with family, happiness, friendship, good health, fame, power, get the idea.  Use this list as a springboard and get your juices going.

Think of it this way, your values are something you believe in, feel or think about yourself.  A goal is something you intend to change or accomplish-a path.  It's important not to confuse your goals with your values. When you align your values with your goals, you will feel an incredible sense of satisfaction when you reach the goal.

Step 2:  Create a list of goals that you want to accomplish.  What do you want to be, do or have?  Let it come out of you without judgment.  Do you want to be a doctor, a gardener, a top-producing real estate agent, a business manager, perhaps a poet? Do you want to sail around the world or visit all the different continents? Do you want to find your soul mate? Have better time management? Remodel your house? Do you want to retire and know you'll outlive your money or leave a legacy for your children? Do you want to have children? Make your real estate business grow? Do you want a million dollars in the bank, a beautiful wardrobe and fabulous jewels? Do you want security? Give yourself permission to be outrageous - this exercise should be fun!!

Step 3The next step is to choose your top five values from your list.  When these are in alignment with your goals your time and emotional energy will be spent in achieving those goals - effortlessly. That's why we call our course: Learn to Dance with Life! and why it's so important to understand why your goals and your values be in alignment. 

Step 4:  Compare the two lists - values and goals.  Look at the top five values and look at your top five goals.  Are they aligned?  Let's look at an example:  You want to be a gardener - it's what makes your heart sing - digging in the dirt and creating beautiful landscapes vs. your goal of sailing around the world?  Can those be in harmony-how can you do both?  You can either re-examine your values or your goal? Which is more important?  Go through the list and begin to consciously consider if they are congruent, in alignment.   It's when the goals and values are misaligned that everything will be a struggle. 

Trust me when I tell you- you will feel lighter and happier once you go through this personal development process.  It's an exercise you'll want to revisit regularly.  Especially when your emotions tell you that what you're doing is not making you happy. When you have your goals and values in line, you will find it easier to manage your time, personal life, and real estate business sucessfully.

I urge you - Learn to Dance with Life!!

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