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Accelerate to 6-Figures Fast Mentor Norma Stratton

“I want my life to run my business and not my business to run my life. And, I want that for you, too.”

Since 1986, Norma Stratton has distinguished herself as a top performing, award-winning Realtor in Northern Virginia. This Lifetime Million Dollar producer was once a struggling realtor stuck at 5-figures and drowning in consumer debt. Then, on one decisive, game-changing day, she made a choice to set that 9-year struggle aside. Within 17 months, she reached 6-figures and paid off all her consumer debt to welcome a joyful, abundant life in every way. With 20 years and counting of success as measured in her lifestyle and her bank account, Norma believes three things made the difference.

== Conviction to make the dream real;
== Engaging a coach to create the vision and hold her accountable;
== Taking decisive, forward steps every day to make the dream her evergreen reality.

Today Norma serves as a trusted mentor to dozens of women much like herself who want abundant, sustainable success in their real estate careers. These are women who crave escape from the isolation of going it alone who are serious about applying Norma’s gentle guidance to heart. They are ready to step out of their comfort zone to achieve success that was just beyond their reach until Norma took them by the hand to show them a better way. As a direct result of their work with Norma, each client comes to a clear vision and a defined path to make her boldest dreams real. The end result is the creation of a NEW, profitable, and sustainable reality that feels great and bring rewards that make a fabulous lifestyle a daily luxury. Standing at 4 foot 8 inches tall, Norma’s passion for inspiring and guiding top performance and results makes her skill and talent impossible to dismiss or ignore. Some say she is a lion in a kitten costume because she ignites a fierceness for success within every client that serves as powerful fuel for big change and big results soon to come.

If you are a female real estate professional seeking a mentor to break through to 6-figures fast and like what you’ve read so far, this is your invitation to take the next step. Book your complimentary Big Income Breakthrough Session with Norma today. 

She’ll help you stop dreaming your dreams...and start living them.  She's happy to discuss your personal needs to get you on your path to success. Call or email her directly: 703-966-0756 -Mobile or Email:

Meet Norma Stratton


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